Where Does Rubber Come From?

Exploring the Journey of Rubber, from Tree Sap to Everyday Material.

If you’ve ever made a mistake and used an eraser to wipe it away, you might be wondering just where this mysterious substance originally came from. From the tires on all our cars, to mattresses, to cookware…rubber is everywhere in our lives.

The discovery of rubber as a material is attributed to the indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica, particularly the …

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Erasers and More Budget-Friendly Gifts For a Child.

Affordable Gift Ideas for a School-Aged Child.

So you’ve already booked a trip to our Erasers Museum using the cheap hotels resources we’ve pointed out and now your child wants more erasers. If you’re on a budget, we’ve found some resources that will keep your child’s newfound obsession affordable.

If you’re racking your brains for a suitable gift for a school-aged child, here’s a tip: they’re sure to love …

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Save on Eraser Museum Visits with Priceline Coupon Codes.

If you’re as excited as we are about erasers, you’ve probably contemplated taking a trip out to see one of the amazing eraser factories around the world. Japan’s Iwaso factory, for example, has the largest ‘eraser museum’ in the world and offers guided tours of their facilities.

Use Priceline Coupon Codes to Make it a Budget-Friendly Trip:

We scrounged up some resources you can use to save on your trip. …

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The Pentel Eraser

PENTEL is a well-known known Japanese manufacturer who possesses 2/3 of world’s stationery innovations since 1946. PENTEL has invented ball pen technology, having characterized it as ‘the smoothest way to express ideas’.

The invention of automatic pencils and ball pens has established Pentel’s pre-eminent status in the stationery industry. PENTEL is the only writing instrument company to receive the Deming Award for recognition of the highest standard of quality. It …

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Pelikan Eraser

About Pelikan:

The German company’s history is rooted all the back to 1832, when chemist Carl Hornemann founded his own factory on manufacturing paints and ink in Hannover. The Official birth-date of the company is considered to be on April, 28th, 1838, when the first price-list of the company was created. In 1871 the reins of government had passed to Gunther Wagner, who has registered an emblem of the pelican, …

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Staedtler Eraser

Ever thought about where those Staedtler erasers that you can buy for just a few dollars on eBay (at least after using an eBay uk discount code) came from? There’s a long and surprising history behind the ‘Staedtler’ name on your school supplies.

A Brief History of Staedtler:

Long before Johann Sebastian founded his own pencil manufacturing plant on 3rd October 1835, one of his ancestors, Friedrich Staedtler, had already …

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About Faber Castell

faber castell erasers

FABER CASTELL is the oldest stationery manufacture of the world founded in 1761 by Kaspar Faber; he begun his own manufacture with pencils in city Stein near to Nuremberg. Baron Lotar Faber who inherited the company in 1839 created the first-ever hexagonal pencil and established a “standard” for pencils what became a revolutionary innovation. Nowadays Faber-Castell is producing in 15 factories world-wide and runs 19 sales units. You can find …

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Factis Erasers

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About The Spanish Eraser Company.

Erasers FACTIS (along with erasers MILAN) are produced by the large Spanish company MARCO DACHS created in 1918 in the small village Mont-Ras. More than 30 kinds of erasers are produced under cover of Factis; they are of high quality, modern design and made of harmless materials. Erasers FACTIS remove traces of ink, pastes, coal, pastels and even paints, they …

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