About Faber Castell

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FABER CASTELL is the oldest stationery manufacture of the world founded in 1761 by Kaspar Faber; he begun his own manufacture with pencils in city Stein near to Nuremberg. Baron Lotar Faber who inherited the company in 1839 created the first-ever hexagonal pencil and established a “standard” for pencils what became a revolutionary innovation. Nowadays Faber-Castell is producing in 15 factories world-wide and runs 19 sales units. You can find Faber-Castell in more than 100 countries. It is the brand with a family name for the first time in world history of stationery market.

The interesting fact of company’s history is an opening of a new branch in Malaysia which became the biggest factory for manufacture erasers in the world. Under the order of the owner Anton Faber Castell at the entrance of the factory a huge pencil in height about 20 meters was placed. As the press-service of Castell’s house informs inside of the pencil a graphite slate pencil in weight in 600 kgs is placed. The unique product is made in France and delivered to Asia by sea.

Classical erasers FABER CASTELL are made from natural rubber or vinyl. Some of them are overwraped with cellophane or cardboard cover. The erasers are combined and intended for removal of graphite and inks traces. High-quality eraser in GRIP 2001 design does not smear. It is synthetic and PVC-free. It looks as a grey trihedral pencil with the black points located in two of some on each side. GRIP 2001 eraser cap can be used to protect the point and as a pencil extender. Erasers for children are colourful erasers in different shapes for clean and optimum results. High-quality eraser Dust-free crumble in “shaving” and collects it in one lump, ideally removing traces of a pencil and leaving a working surface practically clean. Eraser Perfection is ideal for pin-point erasing and looks like a classical pencil of standard size. Soft vinyl eraser UFO is produced in pair with a sharpener. Its design looks hi-tech, even space, thanks to it the eraser is named UFO. The UFO sharpener made of turned aluminium sits comfortably in the hand and is highly functional. The UFO eraser is just as precise. Two attractive matching accessories that stand out on any desk.