About ErasersWorld.com:

Welcome to the site where you can find out why an eraser is so necessary in our lives!

When you’re reading these lines your eraser feels lonely in your office. You don’t think about it for days or even weeks. Perhaps you don’t use an eraser at all and prefer to write with a pen. But if the eraser has caught your eye at last, take it into your hands and think about those people in different parts of the world who not only manufacture it, but also try to make it beautiful, cheerful and convenient for you. I am sure that you will begin to respect the eraser and understand why the stationery industry uses its best designers and engineers to make a wide assortment of interesting erasers.

My Story:

I was so interested in erasers and in 1996 I decided to collect them after my mother gave me 4 erasers with unknown trademarks as a part of my birthday present. Since I received such a usual gift I didn’t dare use them and they have become the foundation of my collection. Even now I have a special feeling for these first 4 erasers.

Now I have more than 1000 erasers in my collection. The core idea of any collection is variety, not quantity. My mum helps me a lot. Every time she sees a “Stationery” signboard, it reminds her of me and she looks at the erasers. But it’s really difficult to remember all the erasers in my collection and that is why sometimes I get duplicates of existing erasers. Honestly I must confess that even I buy doubles!

I obtain my erasers from a wide area bounded by Murmansk in the north to Pyatigorsk in the south and from Brest in the west to Perm in the east. The places especially rich in erasers are Pyatigorsk and the capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, where I bought about 20-25 pieces simultaneously. Last years I get new erasers mainly abroad. Now any trip can’t do without some kilogrammes of fresh erasers.

Honestly I like to collect erasers of well-known trademarks, such as Koh-i-noor, Milan, Factis, Faber Castell, Stabilo, etc, because their official web-sites are very informative and neatly arranged and offer various assortment of erasers. In contrast to well-known trademarks, erasers made in Taiwan or China cause bewilder and confuse me because the assortment and the manufacturing company are not clear.

My erasers (without exception!) deserve very gentle care. Knowing that rubber dries out, bursts and loses elastic properties with time, I have wrapped every eraser in a polyethylene thin film. I hope this protection ensures that my collection has a bright future.

If you are interested in erasers welcome to my site! Please send me a message an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you…