Factis Erasers

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About The Spanish Eraser Company.

Erasers FACTIS (along with erasers MILAN) are produced by the large Spanish company MARCO DACHS created in 1918 in the small village Mont-Ras. More than 30 kinds of erasers are produced under cover of Factis; they are of high quality, modern design and made of harmless materials. Erasers FACTIS remove traces of ink, pastes, coal, pastels and even paints, they can even use on a superfine paper with no damaging of its surface. Special direction of the development of FACTIS is erasers for children, there are a huge amount of models with colourful images, figured and multilayered. Besides FACTIS produces erasers for artists, designers and engineers.

A tight polyethylene packing is applied to almost every eraser. It allows keeping a softness of erasers at pre-sale transportation and storage.

Plastic erasers are white (P6, P12, P24, P20) or fluorescent multi-coloured (PF312, SP16, AI24, F90, P125). They are individually overwraped with cellophane or cardboard cover.

Plastic pencil eraser D20 is with two degrees of roughnees. Transparent plastic eraser TK20 moisten sligthly erase indian ink from polyester films. Plastic wedge-shaped pencil eraser P36, 9120, and LX12, LX24 are intended for the most delicate surfaces. The ES 20 is an extra soft white plastic pencil eraser with improved absortion on graphite and charcoal. Extra soft black plastic eraser BL18 is wraped with a cellophane band.

Very soft erasers (24R, 36R, S24, S20) are made of synthetic rubber with a great adsorption power and can be used for any kind of pencil graduation. These erasers work perfectly on any kind of paper and all surfaces. They are of white color and the rectangular form. The 24R and 36R erasers are specially suitable for children and pupils. Erasers S24 and S20 are more focused for work at office. The CMS 18 and N30 erasers are printed in full colours. There are erasers of triangular (TRI 24), oval (OV12, OV24) forms, and also forms of a tablet (T18).

Wedge-shaped erasers from natural rubber are as much as possible abrasive product for accurate depuration the paper from ink and graphite. Erasers INK30, BM40 and BM30 are special for ink and ballpoint. The erasers IM 48, IM60, IM40 and IM30 are of natural rubber and have a manufacturing process highly precise in order to have, as a result, a more abrasive product to erase neatly on paper, and not breaking or dramaging its surface.

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