Staedtler Eraser

Ever thought about where those Staedtler erasers that you can buy for just a few dollars on eBay (at least after using an eBay uk discount code) came from? There’s a long and surprising history behind the ‘Staedtler’ name on your school supplies.

A Brief History of Staedtler:

Long before Johann Sebastian founded his own pencil manufacturing plant on 3rd October 1835, one of his ancestors, Friedrich Staedtler, had already been active in the pencil-making trade with records of him in Nuremberg’s city annals dating as far back as 1662. He was able to transfer the experience and expertise he had gathered in the traditional craft of pencil making in the workshop of his father Paulus Staedtler to the new, industrial factory – officially recognized and certified by Nuremberg’s city council.

J.S. Staedtler had created the colored pencil – originally intended specifically as a tool for artists. But now, as it has been for generations already, an indispensable coloring utensil for all.

The Staedtler Company Today:

staedtler erasers
Staedtler’s Current Logo.

Nowadays, around 3,000 people work for Europe’s largest manufacturer of black-lead and colored pencils. As to be expected in today’s environment of globalization, the company has since established international subsidiaries around the world and production plants on all continents but, nevertheless, it is in Nuremberg, the home town of its founder, that the heart of the company still very much beats. This is where around 80 percent of all writing instruments are still made. The quality seal “Made in Germany” has become an integral part of the STAEDTLER brand.

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Erasers of this type have been produced for more than 40 years. There are 2 lines of manufacturing of STAEDTLER erasers: Mars and Rasorplast.

First, About Mars:

The eraser Mars was registered in an imperial patent bureau in 1900 and became as one of the most ancient marks of the writing items as a whole. Premium quality eraser Mars is ideal for graphite on paper and matte drafting film. It removes eraser waste easily thanks to minimal crumbling. The Mars eraser is plastic with a core sliding mechanism and a clip that comes in a handy slide sleeve. This ensures that it’s consistently clean and works well.

This improved formula of the eraser results in significantly less crumbling. The eraser waste twists itself up into long strands which can be easily removed. The Mars Pencil eraser rasor with a brush is intended for pinpoint erasing and ideal for deleting of traces of a ballpoint pen, writing and drawing inks.

Rasoplast Erasers:

Rasoplast Erasers are ideal for graphite on paper and matt drafting film. They are B20, B30, B40. Also within the Rasoplast family there is the universal Rasoplast combi erasers. They remove eraser waste easy thanks to minimal crumbling.

The eraser STAEDTLER triplus micro are made for triplus micro mechanical pencil; 3 pieces per pack. The eraser STAEDTLER Spare eraser is for mechanical pencils Mars micro, graphite 779 05/07 and graphite 779 15/17; 5 pieces per pack.

All the erasers STAEDTLER are overwrapped with cellophane.