The Pentel Eraser

PENTEL is a well-known known Japanese manufacturer who possesses 2/3 of world’s stationery innovations since 1946. PENTEL has invented ball pen technology, having characterized it as ‘the smoothest way to express ideas’.

The invention of automatic pencils and ball pens has established Pentel’s pre-eminent status in the stationery industry. PENTEL is the only writing instrument company to receive the Deming Award for recognition of the highest standard of quality. It was in 1976. Every PENTEL automatic pencil, lead, eraser, nonrefillable roller ball pen, refillable ball point pen and correction fluid is manufactured by its own factories.

Their Erasers Are State of the Art:

pentel erasers logo

Erasers of the Japanese company are next generation products. High-polimeric erasers PENTEL ideally delete spots from stickers, labels, without damaging a paper even with repeated use. PENTEL Erasers erase owing to microcapsules of solvent, not friction.

Key model PENTEL is a pencil-shaped eraser ClicEraser2. Cases of the eraser are issued in four bright colors: red, dark blue, black and green.

Business Set PENTEL is a practical part of any present. It includes the writing materials that is used by office-workers and students: a pen Hybrid Gel with unique inks, an automatic pencil PD305T, a proof-reader ZL103-W and high-polimeric eraser ZEH-03 Hi Polymer Small (35*16*11,5 mm), Medium (43*17,5*11,5 mm) or Large (65*24,5*12,5 mm). Besides all automatic pencils PENTEL are equipped by replaceable erasers. Also there is an automatic pencil Twist-Erase, its unique rotary mechanism allows to move out an eraser.