Erasers and More Budget-Friendly Gifts For a Child.

Affordable Gift Ideas for a School-Aged Child.

So you’ve already booked a trip to our Erasers Museum using the cheap hotels resources we’ve pointed out and now your child wants more erasers. If you’re on a budget, we’ve found some resources that will keep your child’s newfound obsession affordable.

If you’re racking your brains for a suitable gift for a school-aged child, here’s a tip: they’re sure to love a creative activity. Children like to be occupied, and their imaginative, young minds are always ready for a new challenge.

There are numerous creative activities to choose from, with price tags to suit all budgets. Each type suggested here can be bought for less than twenty dollars at the time of writing.

1. Buy Used Books with Coupons

Encourage your kids to enjoy reading by getting them used books. Used bookstores will often have free books outside their store that they’re trying to get rid of.

Online, sites like AbeBooks and Thriftbooks sell used books at affordable prices. You can also use a Thriftbooks free shipping coupon code to save even more off your order.

2. Table-Top activities

If the child you’re buying for enjoys close work, they’ll welcome a small-scale kit or craft that can be tackled at a table. You can buy kits for candle-making, mug-painting, mosaic design and bead-threading, for instance, and all at modest prices with a little searching. An artistic youngster will also appreciate drawing materials, such as pens, sketchpads and stencil packs. If they show a technical leaning, they’ll enjoy piecing together an intricate model. Browse the catalogs for more table-top art and craft ideas.

3. Activities for a large space

A lively child will welcome a physical challenge, such as building a large-scale model on the floor. It might be a tower, a robot or a road layout, for example. Drama is another type of activity to consider. A character costume or some props could inspire all sorts of make-believe games. With an apron and a little tea set, for instance, your child could run their own pretend café.

4. Outdoor activities

Every child benefits from fresh air and outdoor play, so how about a gift to take outside?  Some art materials, such as chalks and water-based paints, can be used more freely outside than indoors, as their marks will eventually fade in the elements. Texture rubbings also work well outside, with potentially varied surfaces to highlight, such as stone, concrete and tree bark. A simple play tent can inspire hours of outdoor fun, as can weatherproof toy items, such as vehicles and roll-out road or rail tape. A nature-loving child will also enjoy planting a tray of flowers or herbs in their backyard.

5. Musical activities

Most children like making music with simple instruments, so you may like to select a low-cost one for your young recipient. Depending on their age and musical level, they might appreciate a mouth organ, a plastic recorder or a set of bongo drums, for example. The ukulele is another affordable and popular instrument, though more complex to learn. Before choosing any instrument though, you’ll need to consider its suitability in terms of noise and possible disturbance of family and neighbors.

6. Creative activities to enjoy anywhere

If you’re still unable to reach a decision, gather up a bunch of bright, child-friendly stationery. Children will always find a use for practical accessories like erasers, glue, scissors, gel pens and colored paper, especially with an attractive case to keep them in.

The child you are buying for will be thrilled to receive your gift, while the wide price range will be a bonus for you. With your search criteria refined to suit you both, your choice will be easy.